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How to Make a Difference Right Now

It may seem daunting and overwhelming, the task in front of you. So much is in flux, unrest and uncertainty are in the air, and sometimes it seems like enough just to get through the day. But I challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself, "What can I do better?" It may be something you've been struggling with personally, or in friend or family relationships, or in your community, or on a more global scale. What are your goals you are wanting to see accomplished? And how can we turn that into reality?

So I want to ask you this - what is your passion?  What inspires you, motivates you and keeps you going and excited for the day?  

For me, the specifics change constantly - one day it’s trying something I've never done before, another it’s growing something new in my kitchen, another it’s challenging myself with a new workout, and yet another it’s trying to raise awareness in my children of how we can change the world.  And it doesn’t have to be a major thing we do either - I think we sometimes get trapped into thinking there is only ONE way to do things and make a change for the better.  But transforming ourselves, our lives, our community takes time and patience.  Small steps, done over the long term, really do make a difference.  I’ve witnessed it time and time again.

Commit to making a change, starting now, knowing that the road may be bumpy and hard sometimes. There may be moments where you are feeling like you are going backwards, and that is PERFECTLY OK. Embracing the journey means being able to take things in stride, believing that if you keep your eyes on the prize, you will succeed.

Our skill sets are many, and the more we embrace our natural talents and abilities, the easier it can be to find our optimal mode of bringing about the change we desire.  Maybe we can’t upend the entire social system in this country, or bring about environmental conservation overnight, or improve the health of our community, but our collective voices will be heard.  Whether it be your time, your strengths, your positivity or your charitable outreach, you have much to offer.  Be the change you wish to see, and you will start to see it reflected in others around you. 

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